Some of my projects

This picture of me playing my hand-crafted “Grand Staff Guitar,” is over twenty years old. It marries a standard 6-string guitar and a 4-string bass, with the tuning pins for the guitar recessed under the tail-piece. I can play the guitar with my fingers, and the bass with my thumb, at the same time.
This 8-horse carousel (about 15 inches in diameter) is made entirely of paper. I originally designed it while spending 77 days (11 weeks) in bed, as a test subject, during a bed-rest study for NASA.
This 42″ 4-harness floor loom (designed and constructed by me) is the one upon which I invented the “integrated pocket,” whereby I can weave a pocket (of virtually any size or location) into the cloth, right as it is being woven.

I designed this 3-octave xylophone as the result of over 3 years of experiments with both shaping and tuning the bars, and tuning the resonator tubes by way of a movable plug in the bottom of each one.

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